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FlagWorlds is a Geolocation Social Network. With FlagWorlds, you can

  • Generate events on your specific passion, hobby or center of interest
  • Meet people that share your interests
  • Create your own geolocated community around your passion
  • Notify passionate people living around you
  • Add places on your own special map


About us


FlagWorlds is 100% community-based. Its mission is to generate social bounds in a world where any moment can be an opportunity to meet people sharing the same passions. It allows using desktop, iOS and Android devices to propagate events and share moments locally. With FlagWorlds, people notify in real time and share short-lived events with a community gathered around a common interest.


The Need


As of today, it is difficult to find geolocated information on a specific topic when it comes to short-lived events. For instance, information such as the next Free style skate board event, the nearest Garage Sale or the Food-trucks next to your office can’t be found on Google Maps. Often, you will have to collect the needed information from many different sources like blogs, forums or social networks. For each of these sources, you may need to be part of various groups in order to cover all your passions and centres of interest.


The Value Proposition


FlagWorlds consists in a collection of communities conceived by passionate people to promote and share their passions with others.
Any user can create a community around his passion, hobby or centre of interest. In such communities, called Channels, each member can generate geolocated events and points-of-interest, called Flags.

According to the user’s relative position, FlagWorlds sends notifications to the member of a Channel for:

  • Short-lived events (e.g. Red Bull Events);
  • Real-time events (e.g. Movie Star Spotted);
  • Permanent attractions (e.g. Street Art – Permanent Graphs).

In other words, the user does not need to spend time searching for information, as information comes to him instead. Users can also browse Flags relative to their position.
A user can join as many Channels as he wants, as a result FlagWorlds can centralize all his areas of interests on a single platform.
Ultimately, FlagWorlds allows users to meet people who share their affinities and hobbies by attending events. They share their experience and live new ones together.
With many options to choose from, the Channel creation process is conceived in such manner that there are very few boundaries in terms of creativity. It is in the hands of the user creating a Channel - the Channel Master - to create a community around what he thinks is relevant or useful for him and for the others.