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Neareo Provides a Turnkey Solution for Food and Retail Brands to Connect with Consumers through Interactive QR codes, Chatbots, AI and Data Science.

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QR Code Automation for the Retail and Food Industry


Neareo offers a suite of easy-to-use web tools to design and deploy customer experiences on our consumer conversational module (a web chatbot). The chatbot can be integrated on any website, and provide smart and personalized direct marketing services. Our goal is to help you improve your brand awareness and maximize your sales!

Neareo has received several awards as a consumer-oriented (B2C) chatbot solution for retailers, food brands, and service companies. Neareo gives you the flexibility and agility to test and maximize customer engagement, activation, sales, support, awareness, satisfaction and reviews through automation, data collection, and data science.

About Us

Neareo is a web-based solution that enables communications agencies, marketers and brand managers to generate consumer engagement at scale using automated conversations (chatbots), location-based services and interactive media content.

Interesting Facts

  • Web-bots 100% focused on retail and services

    Our mobile-oriented chatbot technology has been the subject of more than 2 years of research and development, in collaboration with major groups. Unlike other solutions, it is specifically dedicated to the retail and consumer services sector. This collaboration with large companies and end consumers allows to offer a solution that addresses both ends of the B2C market.

  • Interactive Marketing and Neurosciences

    Neuroscience has shown that interactivity, combined with marketing, engages consumers up to 400% more than digital marketing alone! This interactivity also generates large amounts of data points for actionable analysis, and behaviours in real-world environments.

  • A multi-award winning technology

    We are winners of the International Baking the Future Challenge 2019 organized in Barcelona by Eatable Adventures, against 80+ startups in the foodtech sector. We also won the Geochallenge 2020, and a 15,000 euro prize with the Belgian Public Service.

Geolocation Chatbot Campaigns for Retailtainment
Food Manufacturers Data Collection Service Sentiment Analysis

Data Collection

  • Use the app for data collection, it's more natural in a conversation!
  • Ask for feedback on your products. Understand your customers better!
  • Use trends analysis to measure product and packaging satisfaction.
  • Create the data sets you need for strategic planning.
  • Objectivize your internal presentations with actionable analytics and metrics.

Benefits for your customers

  • Reduce the friction points and frustration associated with your products use and features.
  • Create an exciting and interactive experience to educate or inform consumers.
  • Boost the customer journey (and decision making) through a mix of offline and online experiences.
  • Locate stores or distributors so customers can find your products.
  • Reward customer involvement with discounts, games and gifts to build loyalty.
Food Producer Store Geolocation Map Distributors
Food Producer Consumer Data Per Distributor

Benefits for your business

  • Be transparent and turn savvy shoppers into your best advocates.
  • Maintain a single QR code per product and evolve what it triggers without having to change your packaging.
  • Collect data by distributor, by region, by chain of stores, etc.
  • Maximize your visibility on social media with customer recommendations, reviews and media content.
  • Maximize customer engagement by boosting your pre-sales service with customized and optimized pitches!

Easy-to-use technology

  • Bring customers to you with QR codes, NFC chips, links and social sharing.
  • Offer instant interaction without app downloads or account registrations.
  • Answer consumer questions without calling an agent.
  • Assist visitors on your site or eCommerce and take them to the page they are looking for.
Food Manufacturer Qr Code Interactivity Boosting Inbound

The Chatbot-Builder

Easy app setup

Neareo's flexible app builder allows you to build, modify and deploy chatbots on your website in as little as an hour. Deploy new chatbots in one click, without modifying your site or communication material.

No coding

Neareo does not require any coding skills: it is possible to create your chats without coding a single line.

Manage Campaigns

Leverage customer engagement and loyalty with coupons, vouchers, instant win contests and sponsorships, and tie them to specific behaviours, as defined by your team.

Dynamic QR codes

Easily generate evolving QR codes to minimize operational and production costs.

GDPR compliance

Get consent from visitors in the app flow, maximize newsletter and SMS opt-ins. Define data expiration and the access to it.

App statistics

We generate big data and data science for your strategic planning! Everything becomes easy with Chatbot Analytics, trends analysis, conversational funnels, A/B testing of scenarios and goals to achieve.

Neareo is the easiest way to engage your customers

Connect directly with your customers. Understand them. Give them love!

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