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Automate Your Marketing, Sales and Services With Chatbots on Your Website or Inside Your Shop.

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QR Code Automation Services for the Retail & Food Industry

Neareo provides an easy-to-use suite of tools to build and deploy Marketing Automation & Data Collection Services that can help you maximise your brand awareness, customer engagement and sales! Neareo has received several awards as a broad consumer-oriented (B2C) chatbot solution for retailers, food brands, hospitality and services companies.

About Us

Neareo is a HTML-based solution allowing marketers to deploy retailtainment at scale, using automated chats, location-based services and interactive media content. Our focus is to help you optimize your sales support with automation and actionnable analytics.

Interesting Facts

  • Web-Bots 100% focused on retail!

    Our Mobile-oriented chatbot technology, released after 2 years of research and development, is totally dedicated to the retail sector. We have been working closely with large corporations and end-consumers to address both ends of the B2C market.

  • Interactive Marketing and Neurosciences

    Neurosciences have shown that interactive marketing engages consumers up to 400% more than regular digital marketing! It generates large amounts of data points in real-life environments, and actionable analytics.

  • Award Winning Technology

    We are laureate of the 2019 International Baking the Future Challenge organised in Barcelona by Eatable Adventures, facing 80+ successful foodtech startups from around the world.

Geolocation Chatbot Campaigns for Retailtainment
Web Conversational Bot Launching With QR Code Technology

Advantages for Your Customers

  • Personalized shopping experience: each customer may have his own personal assistant!
  • Augmented Customer Journeys: customers benefit from the power of an offline-online mix.
  • Store Geolocation, Stock Levels Infos: access Geo-specific informations regarding the stores and their stocks in realtime.
  • Rewards for their Involvement: customers are rewarded for their actions (drive-to-store, connecting with your brand...)

Advantages for Your Brand

  • Gather data inside your physical stores: Get analytics data, even for people that don’t buy.
  • Optimize your sales force allocation: Automated alerts to stores & floor managers. Monitor chat interactions in Real-Time.
  • Remove customer pain points & friction: Analyze bot goals results, allow bots to take decisions based on context or stock.
  • Maximize customer engagement: Leverage product featuring, social sharing, awareness, drive-to-store with our geospatial technology!
  • Data collection, In-depth stats & data mining: Learn things about your business you never imagined.
Photo-Taking Bot Automation in Entertaining Retail Experiences
Web Conversational Bot Launching With QR Code Technology

Easy Entry Technology

  • Our chats bridge offline-to-online marketing through QR code technology. Can be launched from a packaging, flyers...
  • No app download necessary. Chats are launching instantly! Works on any device, in any environment!
  • No account creation necessary. No registration required.
  • Module can be triggered on any website & Generate high-converting traffic from affiliate sites and blogs.
  • Chats can replicate themselves by email, SMS, social networks to bring new visitors.

Our Chatbot Builder

  • Easy Chats Set Up

    Neareo's flexible chat builder let's you build, modify and deploy chats on your website in minutes. Create chats for specific pages to maximize sales.

  • No Code

    Neareo requires no coding skills: it is possible to create your chats without coding a single line.

  • Manage Campaigns

    Leverage customer engagement and brand awareness with coupons, vouchers, instant gratification contests (for POS), referral contests (eCommerce, Packaging).

  • Launch Options

    Easily generate QR codes and launch shortcuts to maximize customer acquisition and leads in offline environments.

  • GDPR Compliance

    Collect Consent for Newsletter & SMS opt-ins. Automate Data Expiration, contact tracing for COVID-19 Management.

  • Chat Stats

    We build the big data for your strategic planning! Data Science becomes easy with Chat Analytics, Live Consumer Sentiment, Chat A/B tests & Goals.


Select your plan

  • Yearly


Yearly Charge (excl. VAT): 756.00€
Yearly Charge (incl. VAT): 914.76€
  • Yearly Chat Interactions 79 200
  • Approx. Yearly Conversations3 960
  • Overhead Charge / Interaction 0.0095€
  • Chat Funnels Unlimited
  • Number of Stores2
  • Coupon Campaigns Unlimited
  • Lead Generation E-mails
  • Bot Analytics
  • Multilingual Bot (En,Fr,Nl)
  • Custom Branding
  • E-mail Support



Yearly Charge (excl. VAT): 2 160.00€
Yearly Charge (incl. VAT): 2 613.60€
  • Yearly Chat Interactions 252 000
  • Approx. Yearly Conversations12 600
  • Overhead Charge / Interaction 0.0086€
  • Chat Funnels Unlimited
  • Contest Campaigns Unlimited
  • Number of Stores5
  • Lead Generation E-mails
  • Bot Analytics
  • Multilingual Bot (En,Fr,Nl)
  • Custom Branding
  • E-mail Support PriorityHigh



Yearly Charge: Contact Us
  • Yearly Interactions 1 000 000+
  • Approx. Yearly Convers.50 000+
  • Overhead Starting at 0.0079€
  • Chat Funnels Unlimited
  • Contest Campaigns Unlimited
  • Number of StoresUnlimited
  • Lead Generation E-mails
  • Bot Analytics
  • Multilingual Bot (En,Fr,Nl)
  • Custom Branding
  • E-mail Support PriorityHighest
  • Trial
  • Standard
  • Pro
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