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Neareo Provides a Turnkey Solution for Food and Retail Brands to Connect with Consumers through Interactive QR codes, Chatbots, AI and Data Science.

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Interactive QR Codes Generating Revenue for Restaurants and Bars!

Neareo is an award-winning data collection platform that offers interactive QR codes to help companies maximize sales, customer loyalty and reduce operating costs with automation services. It is the simplest way for retail and service companies to trigger genuine customer behaviors in-real-life environments. Starting from a QR code or from any website, Neareo offers personalized interactive experiences, boosts the customer journeys, generates branded content on social media, locate stores and drive customers to points of sales, get feedback and reviews, and generate actionable analytics for strategic planning.

About Us

Neareo is a HTML-based solution allowing marketers to deploy retailtainment at scale, using automated chats, location-based services and interactive media content. Our focus is to help you optimize your sales support with automation and actionnable analytics.

Interesting Facts

  • Web-Bots 100% focused on retail!

    Our Mobile-oriented chatbot technology, released after 2 years of research and development, is totally dedicated to the retail sector. We have been working closely with large corporations and end-consumers to address both ends of the B2C market.

  • Interactive Marketing and Neurosciences

    Neurosciences have shown that interactive marketing engages consumers up to 400% more than regular digital marketing! It generates large amounts of data points in real-life environments, and actionable analytics.

  • Award Winning Technology

    We are laureate of the 2019 International Baking the Future Challenge organised in Barcelona by Eatable Adventures, facing 80+ successful foodtech startups from around the world.

Restaurant QR Code Instant Ordering System
Restaurant Automation & Covid-19 Management

Advantages For Your Company

  • No More COVID-19 Pains: have 1 QR Code for both your Menus and contact tracing!
  • Instant Ordering System: No waiting time, no frustration. Clients are Served instantly!
  • Exciting Gamification Options: Funny Pictures Contests, Newsletter Bonus, Happy Hours.
  • One Click Service: Orders, Get the Check, Request a Waiter, Valet Parking...)

Advantages For Your Restaurant/Bar

  • Increase Your Sales! Clients served quickly tend to order more.
  • Optimize Waiter Allocation & Payroll! Waiters can focus 100% on serving clients!
  • Maximize Google, Facebook Reviews! Get more reviews from happy clients!
  • Maximize your Customer Engagement: Higher service quality means higher satisfaction.
  • Dispatch Orders to the Appropriate Person: Send orders to the bar or kitchen, send requests to the cashier, valet parking.
Restaurant Ordering Automation System & Waiter Payroll Optimization
Restaurant Instant Ordering & Dispatching to the Kitchen or Bar

Easy Entry Technology

  • Our QR code technology lets you customize your menus with automation and control (1 QR code for all, or per table).
  • No app download necessary for clients. Our system launches instantly! Works on any device, on any mobile!
  • No account registration is required for your clients.
  • Module can be triggered on any website & Generate high-converting traffic from affiliate sites and blogs.
  • Chats can replicate themselves by email, SMS, social networks to bring new visitors.
Our Chatbot Builder
  • Easy Chats Set Up

    Neareo's flexible chat builder let's you build, modify and deploy chats on your website in minutes. Create chats for specific pages to maximize sales.

  • No Code

    Neareo requires no coding skills: it is possible to create your chats without coding a single line.

  • Manage Campaigns

    Leverage customer engagement and brand awareness with coupons, vouchers, instant gratification contests (for POS), referral contests (eCommerce, Packaging).

  • Launch Options

    Easily generate QR codes and launch shortcuts to maximize customer acquisition and leads in offline environments.

  • GDPR Compliance

    Collect Consent for Newsletter & SMS opt-ins. Automate Data Expiration, contact tracing for COVID-19 Management.

  • Chat Stats

    Explore our user-friendly chat stats and reports. Analyse chat flows in cascading / funnel view. Set up A/B tests and chat goals.

Neareo is the Most Simple Way to engage your Customer Base

Bring your customers online. Understand them. Give them some love.